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Welcome to my channel my name is Jordy and live in the Netherlands but my friends like to call me a Canadian 😀 I mostly stream 2/3 times a week and hope you enjoy my content and have a few laughs!


*in British accent* I’ve got a brain fart at the moment. Me thingy jiggy website is erffing up. Just put whatever n I’ll update it later with you eh.


I have my usual games I play such as Rocket League, Gang Beasts, CSGO and others, I still play a large variety of games and try my best to be as responsive and “entertaining” to chat as I can. This stream is not for the easily offended, but if you were, you probably wouldn’t be here.


I like video games. The catch is, I’m BLIND. So I thought It might be interesting to showcase some of my adventures. Featuring: Falling in holes, never reading text because its wayyyy too small, you screaming “ITS RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!!” and generally not knowing what the hell is going on.I stream mostly when ever the hell I feel like it.


I stream games, lots of strategy / survival.

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