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We are a new community called, “International Japanese Gaming Community” Its a community to help bring together and build Streamers and Viewers who love Japanese games and people who just love Japanese things in general. Please please please come by and support the community, if you are a streamer, viewer, lover, etc! Thank you all!! =D

-Support Streamers who love streaming Japanese games.
-Support from viewers who love watching Japanese games.
-Weeb Emotes =)
-Weeb Roles
-Love and support from people who like the same thing you do!!


Sims chat a place to show off builds and sims interact with people who have similar interests
Cool staff
Cool people
And giveaways


If you are looking for a place filled with positive vibes, a place you can go to just be in a chill atmosphere of gamers. This is the perfect place for you. We pride ourselves on creating a chill experience for all gamers to come no matter who you are what games you play we want all to feel welcomed.


Dialogue is a server for debate and meaningful discussion on all topics. Not only do we have a space for everyone to freely and respectfully debate, but we also have a friendly community that provides plenty of casual gaming, pop culture, lifestyle and chatting activity! This server is hostility-free and welcomes newcomers.


Occult is a server that consists of edgy e-boys and e-girls, weebs, epic gamers, and has a LOW toxicity level. [Shouldn’t be TOO contagious.]

This server has:
– Social advertisement
– Partnering
– Self-roles
– Color roles
– Level-up system
– Movie and game nights

Don’t be shy! We don’t bite unless you want us to! Join now!

hellooo, this is venom ! we’re a cyberpunk based server. our small community is very chill and welcoming. we love listening to lofi beats at night and sometimes even fall asleep on call haha. we discuss about anime and even have game competitions. PUBG, Destiny 2, etc. we’re looking for new acquaintances and in hope that you’ll join! we accept everyone & we’re not strict. we’ll be hosting events + movie nights and currently loving for admins that would also want to help build this server. you won’t regret joining :). thanks for giving us your time, please take a few mins to decide!

PFN BBQ is a place to interact with english speaking gamers worldwide. All types of gamers welcome- PC, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft… we have sections for every type of device. We also have sections for memes, venting, and a nsfw area for those 18+. There is no age limit on who can join. Come make some friends and share content~ We host free online Cards Against Humanity games frequently and you can play on any device with a browser. We are a new server!

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