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PFN BBQ is a place to interact with english speaking gamers worldwide. All types of gamers welcome- PC, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft… we have sections for every type of device. We also have sections for memes, venting, and a nsfw area for those 18+. There is no age limit on who can join. Come make some friends and share content~ We host free online Cards Against Humanity games frequently and you can play on any device with a browser. We are a new server!

I am a rainbow six siege streamer trying to hit affiliate on twitch! My discord server offers that you can do looking for a group in any game and connect with people that have the same interest, and if you’re interested in my stream, feel free to come watch sometime. I’d love to have ya


Aren’t you tired of joining matches with random teammates that kill you or try their hardest to ruin the game for you? Fish Pudding Pals is a community built on the idea of having a group of non-toxic players to squad with at any given time. The admins and I aim above ALL else to keep that true. Toxic behavior of ANY kind will NOT be tolerated.

This is our number 1 rule at FPP! Come join us!

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This is a brand new server that i created with my friend just to chat and now i am gonna try and expand it. This is a gaming community server aimed to bring in the more mature/adult gamer to find players, chat with ect
Must be 18+ and from the EU


Welcome to Channel 35²

This server dabbles in primarily popular Nintendo switch games. For example, Smash Bros Ultimate, Splatoon 2, Rocket League, and so on. Hope you comes join us.

This server is focused on:
– Playing games with each other
– Meeting new people.
– Creating a gaming community

Hey everyone this server is for people who wanna kick it, meet some people and play some games

A fun and interesting server with 200+ members! Always looking for new people to join, we play games, sometimes host movies nights, and chill out. If you’re looking for a fantastic place to socialize look no further!

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