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Noob squad is a small group that welcomes anyone! we play games such as;
*League of legends
*Rainbow six siege
* Stardew valley
and much more
join our small friendly community!

Gaming Madness Logo

About us: Anyone is welcome to Gaming Madness! Whether you just play video games, or if you’re a movie geek, anime weeb, coding god or just want to come to place and hang out and meet new people!


This is a new gaming community for people to come and play games and make new friends . We are currently recruiting new staff to help run the community


The Constellation Crew is a growing Discord server aimed at linking players together looking to squad up for games. We main Apex Legends and Rocket League, but allow other games as well. We have active moderators as well as an active community, making it easy to find other players to get that sweet chicken dinner. Come check us out!


Hey guys, we’re growing a server where everyone can enjoy gaming with each other and chatting. When the ball gets rolling, we’ll be doing game tournaments constantly, and weekly giveaways. Games include DBFZ, Smite, Fortnite, League, PKMN Showdown, etc. For info, join our community and hang with us


Welcome to The Shop, an adult gaming server based on the Need for Speed Franchise as well as The Crew.


☽ U S K is a mature gaming community with active voice chats. Twice a year the server hosts RL meetups in Florida.

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