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Provider Description:

Our pricing structure may seem different to someone who is accustom to per slot pricing on game servers. However, We believe this to be a better option, pricing game server per slot is a dated concept, and no longer relevant.

As a host we sell service based on how much of our server resources it consumes, Because of this fact we can actually improve upon the model.
By selling servers at a flatrate based on usage requirements we can dedicate the resources to the specific server rather than 100 servers fighting other server for their share.

As a result, the lowest plan for each game denotes the MINIMUM required to run the server

Server Host Details:

Offers Teamspeak voice: No
Offers Ventrilo voice: No
Offers Mumble voice: No
Servers Hosted In:
Canada, Germany
Game Servers Offered:
Insurgency   Counter Strike GO   Minecraft   Rust
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