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Please perform all bot commands in the botspam channel, this will help everyone have less headaches!

Dyno –

Most Dyno commands are available, the most commonly used are ?ranks and ?play. ?play will invite Dyno to the voice channel you are in, then play the song you requested. ?ranks is used to help people connect based on interest. I have made ranks for ‘MovieNight’ as well as many game titles, if you want me to add a title, just DM me on discord and link me to it’s website. Only multiplayer -able titles will be added.

Use ?help in the botspam. Music is played in the music room and you must join it to hear it. use ?help for more from our friendly bot! ?yt (linkname) will get a playlist in the music room! ?ranks is used so that you can label yourself in a group, as mentioned above. Use ?ranks to get a list of ranks, then ?rank RankName to add that rank to yourself.

ServerHound – these bots are all used for outreach, they have little to no function within the Discord server for members.

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