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First, I suggest you mute the ‘botspam’ room, this will make your life much easier as you won’t get endlessly updated with notifications from this room. Just right click the channel and mute it!

Sadly there is no way for me to do this by default, so for now you’ll have to manually do it.

Links & Alike

Official Invite Link To Use: – our community website, it has a complete social networking platform as well as a directory for streamers to add their information. All services there are free to use and keep. – our online store landing page, there are lots of cool products there, please feel free to share it with friends. All products are paid to, produced by and shipped by, RedBubble. I don’t want or get your information in any way, profits help support our efforts. – Full Bit Gaming official twitter account. – my paypal, if you choose to toss me a buck as it helps, especially when we are renting a server for something.

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