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Hey Gamers !We are Gamers Squad, gamers like you.

We play many games from Competitive ones like CS:GO to Casual ones like
Euro Truck Simulator 2, passing through an expensive list of games, we are playing games by being friendly, cool, welcoming and mostly like a family,
by joining us, you’ll be put in good hands, and we don’t lock you in !

This is my discord server, trolls need not apply.

its a small server for people to chill out and chat and play games.


Just a fun place for me and friends that are over 18 to chill, watch movies or hang out. Lots of video games including Empyrion, Star Citizen, Space Engineers, Ark – other similar game titles and not – so – similar like Golf With Friends which we play competitively against one another once in a while (its crazy fun silliness)!

Stop by and say hi! 🙂


A new mature gaming community who play a variety of survival and space sim games.

5.00 (1 review)

Greetings! This is my discord server to advertise my streams and play games with friends. If you would be interested in joining said discord I’d be happy to have you!

I look forward to seeing you! -HydroPC

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