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I noticed a bug appear that caused the ‘Donations’ title to appear on listings specifically in the Discord Server Directory even if there were no donations links included.

This bug has been corrected and there is no impact to current listings information or alike (you don’t need to do any updates). This was purely a cosmetic bug outside of the listings themselves, within the title box for that area of the code that displays any donations links.

If you currently have a listing, no changes are needed, the fix had no impact on the donations links, or code which makes them appear.

If you are looking to list your discord server, with or without donations links, no impacts will be had due to this update. 

In short I just wanted to put it on blast that the problem has been found and corrected *wink*

Today we made some minor layout improvements to the display of our Server Provider listings!

For the most part these adjustments were fairly minor, but they added an improvement to the areas of:
– ‘Game Installed On Server’ region
– ‘Donation Links’ region

In both cases all listing information remained the same, so there’s no need for updates to your listings!

Here’s a link to the directory:

If you would like to add YOUR server that you rent/own/host to the directory, register an account and visit the My Account page to get started! It’s 100% free and has SEO built in – plus your followers can leave reviews and ratings!

From My Account, there’s a button for ‘Add Directory Listing’ and it’s all downhill from there, you can add listings for your own game server, your streamer profile, Discord communities, adult gamer web communities, as well as server providers – AND you can leave reviews for all of the listings on this website!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!

We’ve upgraded our email server tonight, now emails will go faster (often within seconds) and are far less likely to be marked as spam!

If you have trouble with an account you already setup, or emails you are waiting on, shoot us an email with our Contact Page!

Our online store is up and ready for you to place an order! – Click Here To Check It Out!

All products are purchased through (and fulfilled by) Redbubble, your information won’t be shared with us – so if you see something you like, go for it!

Profits are reasonable, around fifty cents to a buck or two, which help pay for our server and support the cause!

We selected Redbubble as their reviews were favorable to the quality of the product and overall customer satisfaction. The first priority we had in mind was to ensure as best we can that your purchase gets you product(s) which are enjoyable to you! All products are POD, or print on demand, meaning when you place your order, it will be created and sent to you without odd waiting times such as ‘inventory based on minimum order volume’ like some other print providers had offered. Continue reading

Today we completed adding over 200 more game titles to the directories:
Game Server Directory
Server Host Directory

The Game Server Directory additions will help game server owners to have more game servers they can promote on our directory, as well as help gamers to find servers they want to play on. Visitors looking for a game to play on can use the ‘Categories’ dropdown at the top of the page to search by game title, thus providing a list of servers which offer that game. There’s no simpler way to find servers to play on!

The Server Host Directory additions will help prospective server owners to search for Server Hosting companies in the same way, using the ‘Category’ dropdown at the top of the page to also search by game title, working the same fashion of only displaying the providers which host that particular game, the prospective owner can quickly limit the list to providers who offer this game.
Continue reading

We’ve brought another directory online where you can review and promote! The newest directory is for Game Server Hosts (aka Server Hosts) and we’ve started adding some of the more well known providers, you are welcome to add some as well!

We hope for this to be a useful way to find new providers for games, rather than searching one by one all over the internet, they are easily displayed here on our website. When looking for a hosting company, you can use the ‘category’ field and search by game and this will display a list of only server hosts who offer that game. You can also use the filters to search by review results as well as other aspects including if they offer teamspeak. The reviews (stars) will appear at the top of any listing that has them, with comments noted below the listing for you to read in detail why they got the reviews they have. Continue reading

We now support you taking donations by adding your Streamlabs URL, or address to your listing!

This feature lets you take donations through either (or both) platforms quickly and easily to help you fund your efforts and grow. The links are displayed in easily seen, yet tasteful displays on the listings under the Contact Information section(s).
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Full Bit Gaming is designed to help adult (18 and up) gamers find other communities, streamers and game servers which are oriented towards the adults who are gamers. All too often the search is long and hard to find a venue that is comfortable for us to be ourselves.. This is where Full Bit Gaming comes in!

On our website you can make free directory listings of:
Game Servers
Streamer Directory (Content Creators)
Discord Servers
Web Communities
Continue reading

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