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Today we made some minor layout improvements to the display of our Server Provider listings!

For the most part these adjustments were fairly minor, but they added an improvement to the areas of:
– ‘Game Installed On Server’ region
– ‘Donation Links’ region

In both cases all listing information remained the same, so there’s no need for updates to your listings!

Here’s a link to the directory:

If you would like to add YOUR server that you rent/own/host to the directory, register an account and visit the My Account page to get started! It’s 100% free and has SEO built in – plus your followers can leave reviews and ratings!

From My Account, there’s a button for ‘Add Directory Listing’ and it’s all downhill from there, you can add listings for your own game server, your streamer profile, Discord communities, adult gamer web communities, as well as server providers – AND you can leave reviews for all of the listings on this website!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon!

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