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We’ve brought another directory online where you can review and promote! The newest directory is for Game Server Hosts (aka Server Hosts) and we’ve started adding some of the more well known providers, you are welcome to add some as well!

We hope for this to be a useful way to find new providers for games, rather than searching one by one all over the internet, they are easily displayed here on our website. When looking for a hosting company, you can use the ‘category’ field and search by game and this will display a list of only server hosts who offer that game. You can also use the filters to search by review results as well as other aspects including if they offer teamspeak. The reviews (stars) will appear at the top of any listing that has them, with comments noted below the listing for you to read in detail why they got the reviews they have.

This service was included when I was searching for another game server, doing the searches and looking at reviews and honestly I felt it would be helpful to include here, so that others can help make a well rounded place with reviews and listings all right there!

If you don’t see a place you wish to review, as always you can add it yourself without owning the listing or being responsible for it. If there is something else missing, such as a game title, or if you wish to see a listing but want us to make it – just submit a Support Ticket with the ‘suggestions’ field from your My Account page and we’ll get on it as soon as possible!

We’ve already added several hosts including Citadel Servers, Host Havoc, Nitrado, Survival Servers, Blue Fang Solutions and Low Ping Game Servers – so stop by and leave a review on the server host you have used / currently use!

Here’s a link right to the main page of that directory to help you get started on your search and review process!

Game Server Host Directory

Looking forward to seeing more listings!

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