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Today we completed adding over 200 more game titles to the directories:
Game Server Directory
Server Host Directory

The Game Server Directory additions will help game server owners to have more game servers they can promote on our directory, as well as help gamers to find servers they want to play on. Visitors looking for a game to play on can use the ‘Categories’ dropdown at the top of the page to search by game title, thus providing a list of servers which offer that game. There’s no simpler way to find servers to play on!

The Server Host Directory additions will help prospective server owners to search for Server Hosting companies in the same way, using the ‘Category’ dropdown at the top of the page to also search by game title, working the same fashion of only displaying the providers which host that particular game, the prospective owner can quickly limit the list to providers who offer this game.

It is our goal to always make this website easy to use for the visitors and listing owners, we believe that this will make the community a far better place by providing easy to access information!

As always, the community can help expand the contents of this directory by posting more listings (even if you do not represent the listing named) and by offering reviews of the listings. Reviews are a big part of this community and how it operates, so if you think something was good – or bad, make a review and tell everyone what you think!

If you do represent an entity which should have a listing on our website, keep in mind that there is no charge whatsoever to have your own listing that you can update and maintain as needed! We’re doing this to help the adult gamers out there find the resources they need!

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