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A new directory has been added to the website, Web Community!

This directory is used for .com / .net / .org / ect websites operated as stand-alone web communities for adult gamers. We’re hopeful to see this help people find more ways to connect to communities of adults that are gamers and expand our reach to better serve the community as well!

As always, listings in this directory will be free of charge to create, own and maintain. Additionally, they include the same common options such as listing your communities donations options, details to help describe it, a description box and a logo!

This new directory adds a new way to connect players and communities, which is in line with our overall goal here at Full Bit Gaming. We’re very excited to see this come online and hopeful that it can be just one more way to better gaming for adults!

If you wish to list your community, understand that it will not be approved if it is a ‘steam group’ or alike, as this category is specifically for communities whom operate their own website which is independent of 3rd-party services such as Steam. We do this to spotlight those communities who have taken the extra effort to create something larger and more involved than 3rd-party groups provide. If you are unsure if your community will be approved, feel free to use our Contact Page to reach out and include your domain name, we’ll be glad to review the content and structure of your website to make suggestions and or let you know of any answers to your questions!

As always, thanks for reading and we’re eager to hear feedback and suggestions from our visitors!

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