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Full Bit Gaming is designed to help adult (18 and up) gamers find other communities, streamers and game servers which are oriented towards the adults who are gamers. All too often the search is long and hard to find a venue that is comfortable for us to be ourselves.. This is where Full Bit Gaming comes in!

On our website you can make free directory listings of:
Game Servers
Streamer Directory (Content Creators)
Discord Servers
Web Communities

Visitors can use the Filters on the directories to search for listings based on various aspects, making this not just a place to promote your own content or services. Helping connect our adult visitors looking for venues geared for those that are more mature is what this effort is all about!

Help make the internet a better place for +18 gamers and add listings – You do NOT have to be the person you make a listing for, you can enter it to promote them and help the site. These pages can be updated again and again by their owner, allowing you to use it as a ‘homepage’ for the venue(s) you offer! If you see anything, such as games to add, features to include, or otherwise that you’d like to see – use the Support Ticket system from your My Account page to shoot us a suggestion!

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up to date on news and alike! Also feel free to join our Discord server!

We’re still growing and adding content aspects to the website, so if you have issues, or a suggestion, please use our built-in Support Ticket system and we’ll get back to you asap.

There is no cost to make a listing for any of the three directories, or to have an account. We also don’t take your personal data or alike, we’re just in it to hopefully build something cool and helpful for the adult gaming community.

You can help by adding listings (even if you are not the owner / creator / admin / ect) and helping make this place useful. Owners can always come claim their listing at a later date.

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